About us

Crew Service AB was founded in 2012 by Victor Samaina. Victor has an ambition to create a responsible and humane transport company with the right environmental thinking. The vision gained momentum with the help of a large network of contacts and a supportive family. Today, Victor works as CEO and his wife Noha as CFO of the company with daily insight into the business. Together, they are a business family with extensive experience from the service and transport industry. Crew Service constantly works to exceed the customer’s expectations when it comes to security, quality and responsibility. With his reliable team, Victor strives to run one of Stockholm’s most conscious Transport & courier companies. Victor has a solid education in road, water and environmental engineering education from his home country, Palestine. The basic idea of ​​Crew Service AB is the constant drive to move forward with clear environmental goals.

“With several years of experience behind us, we know what it takes to deliver. Each time! The secret and the difficulty are the same – finding the right staff. And we have succeeded in that. ”

Victor Samaina

VD – Grundare

Professional services

We strive for quality

  • Environmentally conscious courier company
  • Focus on quality and customer
  • Deliveries on time
  • Support from start to execution of the assignment

Our professional team

Mimi Shamoni


Victor Samaina

VD Crew services sweden AB

Noha Albouzem