Staffing & Recruitment



The right staff

We at Crew Bemanning believe in people and their skills. With our staff, we make sure that the right person is in the right place, when you need it. We handle recruitment and staffing from start to ongoing assignments. If you feel that the recruitment is successful, there is the opportunity to hire the person just as many of our customers usually do.

Right time

During holidays, illness or job vacancies, we are on site and cover up. Crew Bemanning adapts to the customer’s needs, regardless of whether you need staff for a few hours or for a longer period, we solve it. We also have the opportunity to appoint staff at short notice.

The right cost

You avoid extra costs such as sickness benefits and substitutes when you staff through us, which in turn makes it easy for you to know at an early stage what it will cost to get extra staff. The staff at Crew Bemanning are insured with Trygg Hansa during working hours.

The right work ethic

We do our utmost to ensure that we and our employees have as safe and pleasant a workplace as possible, but most of all we ensure that our customers are ALWAYS satisfied, regardless of assignment. Try us today, whether it’s an idea you want to ball or a concrete assignment.