Crew Services Bilar

Whether you are a private individual or a company that handles transport and deliveries on a daily basis, Crew Service cars are always available. We are always on the move in Greater Stockholm and the Uppland area.

Fast courier transport

With many years of experience and strong personal commitment, we offer you reliable and fast courier transport at competitive prices. At Crew Service, we work exclusively with certified green cars.

Do you need help with courier / transport?

Our transport vehicles are equipped to be able to transport your delivery in a safe and secure way. We have refrigerated and frozen transports and heating trolleys. This makes the process smooth when delivering food to schools, offices or to larger events.

Clear environmental goals

Right from the start, we had a clear environmental goal that 70% of our transports would be with green cars. We succeeded in this already in 2018 and today we only drive green cars. Our vision is based on ensuring active environmental thinking and we strive to continue to develop our environmental work.